2015-09-05 Jack

Max Austin, Book One, Goes To The Editor

Well, hello everyone. Jack here. September is upon us, and up here in the Rocky Mountains, the air is crisp and fall is on her way. A couple yellow aspen leaves fell onto my car window the other day and my early morning runs are in the low 40s.

Today, I’m thrilled to report that Max Austin, Book One goes to my editor for the first round of content edits. I’m super excited and proud of myself for reaching this milestone. Last week, I sent the manuscript out to my beta reading team, and so far, I’ve received very good feedback.

So When Will The Book Be Published?

That’s a great question. I will receive the first round of edits back from my editor towards the end of September. Then I’ll need to spend a few days making structural edits. This is the big unknown. If there are major structural problems (which I don’t think there are based on feedback from beta readers), I may need to rewrite several chapters. If there are not major re-writes, I’ll be able to get the manuscript back to her by mid-October for copy editing. Then lastly, she does a final proof read.

If everything goes like I think it should, the novel will be published before Christmas.

What Do You Do While You Wait?

Another great question. I’ll be working on Max Austin, Novella One! Yup, I already have the story concept jotted out in my composition book. The next step is to craft the outline, then write the first draft. I’m also going to work on my website and start the process of designing the book cover. I’m thinking about using 99 Designs so I can test out many different cover design concepts. I also need to work on the back cover blurb and other marketing pieces.

Oh, and I’ll start working on Max Austin, Book Two.

What Is Novella One About?

Novella One is a prequal to Max Austin, Book One. You’ll get some insight into his character and his life prior to the tumuluous events in Book One that shake the very foundations of Max’s life. There will also be some action, and Max will have to deal with a complicated moral dilemma where neither outcome is ideal.

I’m targeting about nine chapters and between 13,500 to 18,000 words. It will be a short romp and fun to read. It’ll be free, so check back in a couple months so you can learn how to get it.

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