2016-03-07 Jack

March 7, 2016

Thought I’d put up the draft versions of my back-cover blurbs for both The Russian Assassin and Cat & Mouse.  Feel free to let me know your feedback!

The Russian Assassin – Max Austin, Book One

The Russian Assassin by Jack Arbor

You can’t go home again…

Max, a former KGB assassin, is content with the life he’s created for himself in Paris. When he’s called home to Minsk for a family emergency, Max finds himself suddenly running for his life, desperate to uncover secrets about his father’s past to save his family.

Max’s sister Arina and nephew Alex become pawns in a game that started a generation ago. As Max races from the alleyways of Minsk to the posh neighborhoods of Zurich, and ultimately to the gritty streets of Prague, he must confront his past and come to terms with his future to preserve his family name.

The Russian Assassin is a tight, fast-paced adventure, staring Jack Arbor’s stoic hero, the ex-KGB assassin-for-hire, Max Austin. Book one of the series forces Max to choose between himself and his family, a choice that will have consequences for generations to come.

Cat & Mouse – A Max Austin Novella

Cat and Mouse, by Jack Arbor

Max, a former KGB assassin, is living a comfortable life in Paris. When not pursuing his trade, he passes his time managing a jazz club in the City of Light. To make ends meet, he freelances by offering his services to help rid the earth of the world’s worst criminals.

Max is enjoying his ritual post-job vodka when he meets a stunning woman; a haunting visage of his former fiancé. Suddenly, he finds himself the object of an assassination plot in his beloved city of Paris. Fighting for his life, Max must overcome his own demons to stay alive.

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