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What kind of books do you write?

I write fast paced thriller novels with character arcs that extend through multiple novels. The main characters have a strong goal or need that they are chasing over a multi-novel series. Each individual novel is a self supporting story, usually with international and political issues at stake. The stories are suspenseful and contain at least a couple unique twists that keep things interesting. There is some violence and action, but I try to balance that with multi-dimensional lead characters.

Think Mitch Rapp mixed with a shot of John Milton and a dash of Jet. Shaken, of course. Not stirred.

My novels are full length and run between 80,000 and 100,000 words. My novellas usually run between 10,000 and 20,000 words.

Who Publishes Your Books?

I do! Well, to be precise, I will. I started a small publishing imprint called Ajax Media Group, LLC. Ajax Media Group publishes one author; Jack Arbor.

When will your first book be available?

I have one full novel and one novella in the editing process, with a target completion date of mid-December, 2015. Just in time for the holidays. Please signup in the footer to be notified when they’re released.

Why Do You Publish Independently?

I have a detailed post about that here; it’s a complicated topic. I chose independent publishing for a few reasons. I’m equally adept at writing and marketing. I have an entrepreneur streak in me that I need to itch. I also want as much control as I can over the rights, the marketing, the stories, and the timing.

Are Independently Published Books The Same Quality as Traditionally Published Books?

Only you, gentle reader, can answer that question. I’ll let you be the judge.

That being said, I strive for high quality. I work very hard to write stories that are interesting, compelling, multi-dimensional, fresh and suspenseful. I invest heavily in editing, cover design, layout and formatting, and proof reading. I have a world class editor and cover designer, both of whom have worked in traditional publishing. As an entrepreneur, I live and die by the quality of my work.

If you think the writing is sub-par, you should give the story a one star review and send me an email explaining why you think the story sucks. That’s the beauty of the independent publishing movement; I can get direct feedback both positive and constructive.

Would You Turn Down a Traditional Publishing Deal if It Came Knocking?

I never ever say never. Some authors have one foot in each camp; Russell Blake just co-authored a traditional book with Clive Cussler. Some authors only want to be independent and some only want to be traditionally published. I’m always willing to have a business conversation. That being said, right now I’m 100% focused on independent publishing.

Which is better, traditional publishing or independent publishing?

That’s a very loaded question. The short answer is it depends entirely on the author’s goals. Some writers dream of landing the publishing contract, and want validation from the gatekeepers, er, the experts. Some writers really want to see their physical book on a shelf. Some writers simply want valiation from readers. Some writers want control over the entire process. No one goal is better than the other.

That is if you don’t mind the long odds of being picked up by an agent, the long odds of said agent selling your manuscript, waiting months or years to see your book on a shelf, being offered sub-par marketing, having no control over your cover or title, and then being dropped when you don’t sell to expectations. And making pennies on the dollar on your sweat and blood. Just sayin….

Who are some writers that influence your writing?

I grew up reading every Encyclopedia Brown, Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mystery I could find. In high school, I graduated to Agatha Christie, Rex Stout and Sherlock Holmes. As I got older, I read every Stephen King and John Grisham book published. Then, I found Ken Follett. I read Eye of the Needle and fell in love with Thrillers, and read every Follett book I could find.

Lately, I’ve been reading Russell Blake, Mark Dawson and JF Penn. Sometimes I’ll throw in a Vince Flynn. I binge read a bunch of Lee Child for a couple weeks, but I think Lee should come up with some new characters.

I’m also influenced by television series. Lately, Breaking Bad, Homeland and The Black List have all held my interest. Especially Breaking Bad. Best story ever written in my opinion.

What’s Your Favorite Book of All Time?

That’s easy, but oddly it’s not a thriller. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. It’s an epic treatis on cathedral building in the twelfth century. Read it. Trust me.

Are You Looking For Beta Readers?

Yes! Please email me if you’re interested in joining Jack Arbor’s Beta Reading Group.

What Are Beta Readers?

Beta readers are part of my manuscript review team. Its pretty cool, actually. You sign up to be added to my Beta Reading email list. When I have a new manuscript, novel or novella, you get an email with a free advance copy of the book. You read said book, and send me feedback on what worked, what didn’t work, what you liked and what you didn’t. Once the book is pre-published, you agree to provide me with an honest Amazon review of the story. That’s it.

Simple. You get a free book. I get honest feedback on the story.

If you want to be added to my Beta Reading Team, email me.