Where are the Books?

Hello readers!

It’s mid-April (happy spring, btw), and the books are still not published. So, Jack, where are the books?

It’s a good question, but I have a really good excuse. There is an old adage in indie publishing. It goes something like this:

The best way to market your book is to write another one.

There is another, similar mantra that goes something like this:

Newbie Indie Writer: “Ok, I’m done with my book! Now what do I do?”

Sage Indie Writer with Many Published Books: “Write another one!”

While I was waiting for the final edit of The Russian Assassin to complete the editing process, I started writing Max Austin #2, tentatively called First Kill. About a week ago, I submitted a 90,000 word manuscript for that book to my editor for the first part of the editing process – the structural edit. I edit my books in three steps. First is the structural edit, which examines the elements of story, pacing, character development, plot, and generally makes sure that the story works. The second and third bits of editing are what you’d expect – line editing and proof reading.Cherry Blossoms

Because the books in The Russian Assassin series are so closely tied together, I want to ensure that the transition between book one and book two are tight. There are story lines that continue between the two books, so I decided to hold off on publishing in case I have to make any minor revisions to book one in order to support story lines in book two.

What does that mean for timing?

Good question. I expect to get the manuscript for the structural edit of First Kill back from my editor this week or next. If things go according to plan, that means I should be in a position to publish The Russian Assassin and Cat & Mouse as early as April 30th.

I’m as excited as you are, dear reader, so rest assured the books will be available very soon.

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